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Finding work as a commercial artist can be challenging. Starla Wilson was confronted with this situation when trying to find work as an artist which proved to be a problem. Scanning the marketplace, she saw an opportunity to start her own business providing exterior art work for local businesses. Drawn by the freedom of operating her own business, she and her husband Ryan decided to start their own business — Shiny Paint.

Starla and Ryan found the early struggles of running a business to be "a huge learning curve".  Early job orders were taking a long time to complete for a small amount of pay, but slowly their operations began to improve. They also found support by reaching out to similar businesses throughout North America. Connecting through social media posts and sharing tips and techniques helped Starla and Ryan to streamline their processes.

A recent success of their business was a window painting for a prominent building in Montague, PEI that wasn’t being used. Shiny Paint was tasked with designing and painting a mix of community messages and art that highlighted a history of transportation in the area across the building’s windows. The project coincided with the town’s 100th birthday and was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from its residents.

Projects such as this one, as well as countless window paintings and hand painted signs have led Shiny Paint to a unique position. They have created a market where there wasn’t one before. Through their hard work, dedication and exemplary work, clients now seek them out on a regular basis to keep their store and shop windows decorated in a timely and seasonal fashion. This allows businesses with store fronts to change with the seasons, add vibrancy, and promote new products and services.

Starla and Ryan’s advice for new entrepreneurs is to "surround yourself with other aspiring and new entrepreneurs to share successes and ideas. No one will understand your challenges like another entrepreneur."  They also found it important to find a mentor that can give guidance and support and show you where you can be in the future.

Bringing together her skills as an artist and his skills in design, Starla and Ryan have found a business that meets the needs and demands of their clients. Shiny Paint continues to find new challenges and projects that make every day unique. They find inspiration for their work through researching past artists, and by following an online community of sign painters from around the world. "We still have a long way to go and are learning every day."


Shiny Paint

Shiny Paint is a decorative art business providing hand painting on windows, murals and signs.

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