Sheri AtchisonAccurate Drafting

Seeking flexibility to more easily manage the demands of family life with two children under the age of two prompted Sheri to ask her hospital employer if she could work from home on contract.

In 2007, Sheri took on one 18-month contract and her business began to grow via word-of-mouth. “I had experience working with the hospitals and helping them make more efficient use of the space they had. Through that work I made a lot of contacts with other hospitals in Manitoba which was helpful.”

Now Accurate Drafting has moved from Sheri's home to an office in downtown Winnipeg and expanded with two full-time employees. She has also evolved the business with a new focus on providing drafting services to property owners and managers.

“We have a lot of expertise in this area and it's a unique niche in Winnipeg. We have a sophisticated laser that instantly shows clients what their space looks like and where space is being wasted. We can then help them envision how the space could be better used.”

Like every business owner, Sheri faced challenges along the way. I struggled with the financial aspect. But I took part in the Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba My Gold Mine project and that was a huge learning experience. It helped me figure out what my financials were trying to tell me.”

As the business expands, the ability to manage her schedule around family obligations continues to be Sheri's favourite part of being an entrepreneur. “I now have three kids and a husband who works on shift so I can schedule around that. Being able to do that has lifted an incredibly big weight off of my shoulders.”

Accurate Drafting

Accurate Drafting provides professional, reliable drafting services using state-of-the art technologies to provide effective solutions for property owners, planners, builders, contractors, designer, architects, engineers and real estate developers.

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