Success Stories


The Story Co.

Janet Lee

When I was 10, I became a sales rep. Yup, I sold Regal products. I won the prize for highest sales. Then, they found out I was only 10. A box of pencils (instead of the cash prize) arrived in the mail with my name engraved in gold on them. Life was — golden, and my entrepreneurial career was born!

Local & Fresh

Jennifer Rathwell

I started my own business for the reasons that tend to lure everyone: I wanted the chance to forge my own destiny and be my own boss. As a former journalist, becoming an entrepreneur was a natural step.

FIT For Work

Sharon Horan

Sharon Horan, the president of FIT for Work, started the company in 1994 and now has 4 permanent locations across Newfoundland. In addition there is a 5th strategic alliance which allows for island-wide coverage.


J. Breanne Everett

Most medical residents can barely keep up with the constant demands and long hours spent in specialist training, hospital rounds and patient care. Dr. Breanne Everett added to these pressures during her residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Calgary by inventing a new medical technology, starting a company and getting an MBA.

Visual Artist and Author

Christi Belcourt 

Innovation comes in many forms. For Christi Belcourt it has different colours, textures and meanings.


Devon Fiddler

Devon Fiddler's first job out of university involved working with First Nations entrepreneurs who had no previous business experience. It was here that she became passionate about the ability to make change through business and decided she too needed to start a company.

Twenty One Toys

Ilana Ben-Ari

I strongly believe in the power of play and design to create positive social change. I started Twenty One Toys because I felt our education system needed a reboot.

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson's story of entrepreneurship began the way most stories of entrepreneurship do — with a problem. While she was working in economic development, she met a client who wanted to sell their business but wasn't sure how to go about it.

Birch Wellness Centre

Louise Blanchard 

Sometimes the best ideas seem obvious in hindsight. That's what happened when Louise Blanchard decided to take her skills as a Canadian Certified Counsellor and create a holistic practice with other professionals focusing on psychological, emotional and physical health care.

Leaside Group

Dora Finlay

When Dora Finlay was living in Nunavut in 2001, she started to think about coming back to St. John’s. Her plan involved buying 2-unit houses to generate an income. A few years later when she was back in St. John’s working, a 7-unit building in downtown St. John’s came up for sale and she bought it.

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