Business Success Stories

Munchkin Music Factory

Lisa Gillam

Lisa Gillam has been sharing her love of music with children for over 20 years as a classroom music teacher and private instructor. In 2010, she decided to march to the beat of her own drum and established Munchkin Music Factory, teaching children ages 3 to 11.

Rejuvenation Health Services

Faith Grant

Faith is a talented physical therapist who has been in the business close to 35 years working with thousands of patients facing diverse health challenges. Her passion for health and wellness issues and experience working with patients led her to create Rejuvenation Health.

SassyTuna Studio

Julie Lewis

Julie Lewis recognizes that if you want to stand out in business, you have to be memorable and have strong brand identity — this is a lesson she learned very early in her career as an artist. When she was thinking of her own brand identity, she came up with SassyTuna, a memorable name, which is British slang for someone who is outgoing or likes to party.

Greenstep Solutions Inc.

Angela Nagy

I decided at the age of 18 that my purpose in life was to "save the world through business, politics and music." Co-founded with my business partner, Lindsay Eason in 2008, GreenStep was the fulfillment of that purpose.

Seafair Capital Inc.

Anne Whelan

"I was always inspired by rural entrepreneurs — the guys who had five or six things going on," says Anne Whelan. "Their businesses were diversified but they didn't have to be huge to make a comfortable living." Following their intrepid footsteps, today Anne Whelan is president and CEO of Seafair Capital a diversified, growth-focused group of companies with roots in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Story Co.

Janet Lee

When I was 10, I became a sales rep. Yup, I sold Regal products. I won the prize for highest sales. Then, they found out I was only 10. A box of pencils (instead of the cash prize) arrived in the mail with my name engraved in gold on them. Life was — golden, and my entrepreneurial career was born!

Local & Fresh

Jennifer Rathwell

I started my own business for the reasons that tend to lure everyone: I wanted the chance to forge my own destiny and be my own boss. As a former journalist, becoming an entrepreneur was a natural step.

FIT For Work

Sharon Horan

Sharon Horan, the president of FIT for Work, started the company in 1994 and now has 4 permanent locations across Newfoundland. In addition there is a 5th strategic alliance which allows for island-wide coverage.


J. Breanne Everett

Most medical residents can barely keep up with the constant demands and long hours spent in specialist training, hospital rounds and patient care. Dr. Breanne Everett added to these pressures during her residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Calgary by inventing a new medical technology, starting a company and getting an MBA.

Visual Artist and Author

Christi Belcourt 

Innovation comes in many forms. For Christi Belcourt it has different colours, textures and meanings.

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