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Steve Hubbard and Raymundo de Cojo

It all started when the two entrepreneurs were introduced through their wives, who were close friends from the same town in Mexico. Steve and his wife were living in Ottawa at the time, while Raymundo and his wife still lived in Mexico. Little did they know that this introduction would lead to a friendship, and then later to a fruitful business relationship.

Xona Games

Matthew Doucette

Matthew Doucette's passion for games began at the age of seven when he was only in grade two. He and his twin brother worked side-by-side creating games, programming graphics, and more. The pair were both passionate about coding and the creativity it allowed them. This passion is what led Matthew to start his own business, Xona Games.

Construction KT Inc.

Kristell Tremblay

Where some people see a risk, Kristell Tremblay sees an opportunity. What we could consider to be a disadvantage, she turns into an asset. This 33-year-old young entrepreneur, with a strong character and candor, is one of those who know where they are going.

Strawberry Blonde Bakery

Claire Tomchishen and Jacqui Okum

High-quality baked goods for people who suffer from food allergies or have alternative diets are hard to come by in Ottawa, Ontario, and that's why vegan bakers, Claire Tomchishen and Jacqui Okum saw the opportunity to fill the gap with Strawberry Blonde Bakery.


Veronica Nnensa and Freeda Mulenga

Born in Malawi, Africa, and raised in Canada, entrepreneur Veronica Nnensa never lost her passion for the continent. After studying public affairs and policy management with a focus on African development, in 2014, it was no surprise that her passion for her home country led her to launching her business Kuwala, with co-founder, Freeda Mulenga.

Audiologie Nord-Est

Mélanie Chiasson

Mélanie Chiasson has started her own business! Entrepreneurship was attractive to Mélanie because of the flexibility it offers, the satisfaction of doing work you love, and the partnerships that can be built with clients, suppliers and the community.


Meghan Dear

Meghan founded Localize in 2011 so that she could finally shop in peace with the right information at hand. As a passionate agriculturalist, she has worked in the field as a farmer, researcher, biologist, and international agricultural developer.

Rejuvenation Health Services

Faith Grant

Faith is a talented physical therapist who has been in the business close to 35 years working with thousands of patients facing diverse health challenges. Her passion for health and wellness issues and experience working with patients led her to create Rejuvenation Health.

Munchkin Music Factory

Lisa Gillam

Lisa Gillam has been sharing her love of music with children for over 20 years as a classroom music teacher and private instructor. In 2010, she decided to march to the beat of her own drum and established Munchkin Music Factory, teaching children ages 3 to 11.

SassyTuna Studio

Julie Lewis

Julie Lewis recognizes that if you want to stand out in business, you have to be memorable and have strong brand identity — this is a lesson she learned very early in her career as an artist. When she was thinking of her own brand identity, she came up with SassyTuna, a memorable name, which is British slang for someone who is outgoing or likes to party.

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