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Mélanie Chiasson has started her own business! Entrepreneurship was attractive to Mélanie because of the flexibility it offers, the satisfaction of doing work you love, and the partnerships that can be built with clients, suppliers and the community.

Audiologie Nord-Est, located in Caraquet, New Brunswick, allows Mélanie to offer specialized services in her office or in the comfort of her client's homes. She provides personalized services to all her clients.

Entrepreneurship allows Mélanie to plan her daily activities the way she wants. She builds her schedule around her family responsibilities, which means she has more time to spend with her son. This flexibility also allows her to take classes and training that is important to her, when and where she likes. Making her own decisions and drawing benefits from developing her interests and skills are not always options when working for someone else.

Mélanie's business is in a small community, which allows her to build close relationships with her clients. Word of mouth has certainly helped her business grow. At first, Mélanie was working alone. But in just a few months, her schedule was so busy that she had to hire an assistant. Five years later, with four employees, this businessswoman has far fewer worries when she encounters concerns common to all entrepreneurs – things like cash flow issues, outstanding invoices and salaries to be paid. Her business has been so successful that she won the Acadian Peninsula and New Brunswick Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

What is Mélanie's advice to future businesswomen? She would say, "Don't be afraid to work and surround yourself with the right people. Go to organizations that can help you through your growth, like the Community Business Development Corporations (CBDC). These organizations can offer resources for funding, accounting and strategic planning. Take advantage of the services offered by the CBDCs and save time when planning and expanding your business."

"Choosing entrepreneurship," says Mélanie, "should be a process aimed at following your passion and finding happiness and satisfaction in your work."

Audiologie Nord-Est

Audiologie Nord-Est offers a range of products and services, such as: audiology assessments, home visits, hearing aids, moulding, earplugs for swimmers, musicians and sound blocking, as well as amplified telephones and FM and infrared systems.


This success story is provided by the New Brunswick Association of Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs) – providing business development help and support.

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