Janet LeeThe Story Co.

When I was 10, I became a sales rep.

Yup, I sold Regal products. I won the prize for highest sales. Then, they found out I was only 10. A box of pencils (instead of the cash prize) arrived in the mail with my name engraved in gold on them. Life was — golden, and my entrepreneurial career was born!

I have built three of my own brands and now build other brands through my company, The Story Co. The first brand I built was also the most personal (as the first usually is). Starstruck, was a line of women's clothing that we designed and manufactured in Regina and sold in 321 stores in the U.S and 120 in Canada— now that is a story! The fashion industry shreds brands for breakfast, that can't move at a lightning fast pace, with the right products, at the right price, and in the right colour! Thriving in this fast paced industry reinforced the stealth like accuracy you need to be a brand builder. As a woman, I had some challenges, including the day the bank manager literally patted me on the head and told me to go back home and sew some more clothes and to stop dreaming about such a big loan! Needless to say his inability to share my vision was the end of our banking relationship. Taking no for an answer does not come easily to me. Smiling brightly as our sales surpassed our dreams did!

All three of my businesses have been driven by passion and desire. I never felt like I was taking “the leap”. They felt like a very natural expression of the gifts I was meant to share with the world. I think that has been the key to my success. I wasn't "fighting for success" I was connecting the best of what I can offer with what others needed. I still do that today. My current business, The Story Co. helps growth-minded businesses build brands that connect their genius work with the world, simply, joyfully and profitably. Our tagline, "live your story, love your brand", is at the heart of everything we do.

Mine is a tale of grit, guffaws, moments of grace, triumphs and fails, and very heavy doses of humour. I can't ever imagine not being an entrepreneur or ever parting with my engraved pencils!

The Story co.

Story Co. is a leading community communication and branding firm. We strengthen community stories and brands. We increase community engagement and connection. We provide communication and brand tools and processes that help develop valuable communities, regions, businesses, and organizations.

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