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Faith is a talented physical therapist who has been in the business close to 35 years working with thousands of patients facing diverse health challenges. Her passion for health and wellness issues and experience working with patients led her to create Rejuvenation Health, a company that has brought together a comprehensive team of professionals who offer treatment for chronic pain, sports injury rehabilitation, sports medicine, foot problems, skin disorders, addictions, stress, weight loss, and much more.

Rejuvenation Health has now been open for 15 years and has opened its third location in Edmonton. When asked what her biggest success of 2015 had been, Faith replied with a single word after a moment of reflection: survival. Faith was not only battling through the economic slowdown, but facing a much more personal battle with cancer this last year. What allowed her to come out on top of these challenges was having her business strategy already secured in many areas, as well as having the love and support of her husband and two daughters.

While the impact the economy had on their business was unexpected, Faith had spent sufficient time on her business strategy to ensure things were moving in the right direction by taking part in Alberta Women Entrepreneurs' PeerSparkTM; program and working with a goal-setting coach. "Going through the PeerSparkTM; program was helpful in getting me to be more focused and to understand leadership from the perspective of business building as opposed to only managing my team. It also taught me that asking for help goes a long way in covering your own deficiencies."

As for what wasn't already in place, the slowdown in clients actually gave the business more time to focus on strategies that needed attention, such as building a second line of communication for referral sources. Instead of complacently braving out the storm, Faith and her team found alternative ways to build the business. "My brain is never linear – at the back there is always a Plan B, and sometimes a C, and a D."

The next step for Rejuvenation Health is a business-to-business corporate strategy for their programs, which will be called Full Circle Corporate Services. After attending multiple trade missions over the last few years, Faith is in a position for international expansion.

"After attending Go for the Greens trade mission in Florida in September of 2015, I was able to target smaller international groups for international opportunities. I can now see real opportunity for working with corporations on the international level on the Business-to-Business side of the company, and I am implementing this piece of the corporate strategy to be launched as an advanced prototype in the fall."

Moving forward, Faith will be focusing on making the business as lean and efficient as possible so it can be easily scaled up. She will be taking an active role in launching their corporate membership program. Although she does not plan on ever completely retiring, Faith would like to eventually shift her focus to consulting for these corporations on an individual-needs basis in this area. She has also been volunteering her time towards a bit of a passion project by working with track and field athletes who have great potential but are being held back by a physical limitation that needs to be treated in order to maximize their performance. Ultimately, Faith would love to see track and field grow here and see the talent develop, giving kids an outlet and a chance to develop a passion for the sport, as Faith has had the opportunity to have.

This fearless leader has brought her business to a place where it can not only survive, but thrive, in the years to come.

Rejuvenation Health Services

Rejuvenation Health Services has a comprehensive team of professionals who offer treatment for chronic pain, sports injury rehabilitation, sports medicine, foot problems, skin disorders, addictions, stress, weight loss and more.

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