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Don-E Coady (Dc) is the founding partner and creative director of Dc Design House Inc., a marketing agency based in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. A love for teamwork and the ability to apply himself full-force to the success of a project is what led Don-E to entrepreneurship. His clients and his team appreciate his unedited enthusiasm and relentlessness, which ultimately create success.

Don-E has successfully grown a team that ranges between 14 and 18 in-house and regularly contracted specialists. When he started his company, the first challenge he faced was finding a good work-life balance. Based on conversations he had with other entrepreneurs, Don-E knew what he was getting into: intense pressure and long days. Supporting himself was one thing, but with a newly hired, full-time junior employee in anticipation of upcoming projects, it meant a payroll for two right from the get-go. Don-E felt like he was "swimming upstream" for the first few years. In hindsight, he thinks he might have opted to work somewhere part-time first, while getting into the swing of things, versus starting up full-time, with employees on day one.

This entrepreneur feels that success comes from recognizing how important it is to take that deep breath, look around and thank the people who help you attain your goals. He also thrives on the journey of entrepreneurship, rather than the final destination. His advice for entrepreneurs? "Ease into it and don't drop your previous life because you start up a business." He warns, "Business can turn you into a savage and it's important to chill a little. Pick up a guitar. Keep going to the gym."

The recipient of several significant honours, including being named one of the top 40 emerging leaders in Atlantic Canada under 40 and being selected to represent Newfoundland and Labrador in the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference, Don-E also has various Volunteer of the Year awards under his belt. However, this entrepreneur considers his major success to be the knowledge he gains every day in so many areas of the marketing and communications field. Being a subject-matter expert is what he is most proud of. He knows his clients don't care about awards; they care that he knows how to take one dollar and turn it into ten.

Don-E was recently one of four Newfoundland and Labrador entrepreneurs featured in a six-part lifestyle documentary aired on several television stations. It gave him a platform from which to get personal about life in business on the edge of the oldest city in North America. He is passionate about being a part of the business community in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The team at Dc Design House Inc. is currently working on exciting projects with great people. Don-E is living his dream every day and always looks forward to what's next — for his team, his clients, and himself, as a passionate entrepreneur and marketing professional.

Dc Design House Inc.

Dc Design House Inc. is a multi-disciplined creative production house and marketing company based in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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