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Claudia Mutch found her passion through helping workers transition from one workplace to another and from one province to another. CHM Management Group is a unique Human Resources business offering construction safety courses, drug and alcohol testing, career transition services, job search advice, recruiting and much more. CHM Management is a one stop shop for all of your HR needs!

Claudia’s story started in 2007 when she decided to open her own business after working in the HR field. She wanted to assist workers looking for employment in areas of the country experiencing shortages of skilled labour. Claudia had to first decide which training courses would best fill the needs of employers from other provinces. She also worked hard to convince businesses in Western Canada to adopt a more efficient way of making their employees' job ready by offering their safety certification courses back East. When the economic climate changed in 2009, Claudia realized she had all her eggs in one basket and needed to diversify her offerings. Today, CHM Management offers a wide variety of training and development courses. Getting people back to work and finding employment to sustain their families is top of mind for Claudia and her staff.

Claudia prides herself on offering personalized services to her clients. She purchased an older home in the outskirts of Miramichi in 2012, renovated it and invited her clients to study in a relaxed home setting; she has since built an additional training facility which accommodates much larger groups and types of training. She often follows up with her clients to remind them that their certifications are about to expire — a service that is much appreciated by her clients. She offers flexibility in her training schedule to accommodate any last minute requests. Being from a small province where community and family are important, word of mouth has been the best form of advertising for her business. She also uses social media and text ads in local newspapers to spread the word about the services she can offer employment seekers. Her team is dedicated to providing the tools and services her clients need to succeed in their profession.

In 2010, Claudia received the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Northumberland region and in 2013 she was presented with the Provincial Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This is no small feat considering she works in a mostly male dominated environment. She credits some of her success to participating in a mentorship program offered by the CBDCs. Learning and sharing with other female business owners gave her insights into starting and running a successful business.  

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs — "Know who you are, what makes you tick and find ways to incorporate that passion into your business. You should also love to solve problems — they may lead you to an "aha" moment that could move your business in a new and different direction."

What’s next for Claudia and her business? Since welcoming a new grandchild, thoughts turn to family and retirement as well as what she will eventually do with her business. But for today those ideas are still far off because she loves her work and feels she has much more to do and much more to offer the workers of New Brunswick and Canada!

CHM Management Group

CHM Management Group provides professional recruitment services, safety training and consulting services to clients to help enhance their professional lives.

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