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I decided at the age of 18 that my purpose in life was to "save the world through business, politics and music." Co-founded with my business partner, Lindsay Eason in 2008, GreenStep was the fulfillment of that purpose. As "eco-preneurs" we have set out to help change the world through business. Both of us had realized that people and the planet were in trouble due to unsustainable ways of operating. We wanted to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) reduce their environmental and social impacts as well as create a sustainability strategy for the future.

We've had many successes over the years, but I think our biggest success has been figuring out an effective approach and system for helping SMEs tackle their sustainability challenges. There are tremendous opportunities to help businesses reduce their impact and make a positive difference, while improving their profitability.

Starting our business was actually the easy part — we were lucky enough to land some significant contracts early on. The hard part has been sustaining that business through our transition from a few big contracts to hundreds of smaller customers. Our biggest lesson has been to slow down and try to walk before we run. This means finding a balance between setting big goals and investing in the future while being mindful of moving forward at a pace that we can sustain financially. Entrepreneurs need be flexible, adapt, and continuously learn in order to keep pace with a constantly changing environment.

The Women's Enterprise Centre of B.C. helped us with a growth loan as we transitioned from a consulting-based company offering services in B.C. to a company that is providing green business certification and assessment services to a large number of companies throughout Canada and the U.S.

GreenStep's purpose is "To change the world by making sustainable business more profitable". Our ultimate goal is to become the business known for improving the social, environmental and economic performance of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our plan for the future is to actively expand our reach across Canada, and into the U.S. market.

Greenstep Solutions Inc.

An award winning business, GreenStep helps organizations to measure, reduce and report on their environmental impacts. The business offers the Green Tourism certification program, energy assessments, waste audits and the newly launched ecobase Certified program, which helps businesses generate thousands of dollars in new revenue each year, to invest into energy saving, carbon reduction projects.

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