Alison Anderson's story of entrepreneurship began the way most stories of entrepreneurship do — with a problem. While she was working in economic development, she met a client who wanted to sell their business but wasn't sure how to go about it.

The only available options for selling a business included using online posting boards, brokers and classified ads, but none helped the client prepare their business for sale. These choices did not offer the privacy the business owner needs to keep their customers and staff nor were they cost effective. Alison did what all successful entrepreneurs do to solve this problem — she created a business. addresses the shortcomings of the other options and helped to better prepare her clients to sell their business. The website matches buyers and sellers, commission free and offers privacy settings and resources from succession planning professionals.

Alison was only 24 years old when she created Living in rural Saskatchewan, where the cost of living was comparatively low, helped her to start her business. She tells aspiring entrepreneurs the same thing: buy a business. The same skillset is required for both a start-up entrepreneur and someone who buys a business: determination and passion.

Alison's husband recently retired from the military, like many military spouses, Alison had to overcome major obstacles to follow his career. In the Canadian military, members are often required to move frequently.

If the normal stress of moving wasn't enough, spouses also have to look for a new job. Even professionals find it difficult to relocate and find a new employer. For an entrepreneur, this transition can be even more difficult since establishing a business often requires investing in a community and an appropriate location. Alison was fortunate enough to meet a mentor in Edmonton who coached her through scaling her business and expanding across the country.

A major achievement for was becoming a Military Employment Transition partner (Met Spouse) and being the first online company that allows military spouses to work from home. launched a project in partnership with a number of towns and cities. It's a "boots on the ground" approach to business succession. Alison spends most of her time delivering workshops on this subject to leaders in the community, businesses, buyers and succession planning professionals.

She is also working towards her personal goal of being a guest on Amanda Lang's show. Whether or not she ever achieves that particular goal, Alison has happily embraced the true ethos of every entrepreneur — problems really can be opportunities.

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