Business Success Stories - Indigenous Peoples

Moonstone Creation

Amy Willier

Where does one go to purchase authentic Indigenous made art and crafts? Moonstone Creation is the place to visit! Moonstone Creation was created in June 2009 and is owned and operated by Yvonne Jobin and her daughter Amy Willier.

Inuktut Translations

Eileen Kilabuk-Weber

Eileen Kilabuk-Weber started her own business after her son passed away. She knew she couldn't be in a workplace setting day-in and day out. She travelled to Edmonton to attend MBA classes and decided to stay. She decided to open Inuktut Translations.

Miyo Pimatisiwin Productions Inc

Aretha Greatrix

Who knew the love of storytelling would grow into a production company? Aretha sure didn't.

ICEIS Safety

Massey Whiteknife

Massey was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. "Growing up I was always a little entrepreneur." He wanted to become successful enough to take care of his mother – that was his goal and dream.

Visual Artist and Author

Christi Belcourt 

Innovation comes in many forms. For Christi Belcourt it has different colours, textures and meanings.


Devon Fiddler

Devon Fiddler's first job out of university involved working with First Nations entrepreneurs who had no previous business experience. It was here that she became passionate about the ability to make change through business and decided she too needed to start a company.

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