Business Success Stories

Moonstone Creation

Amy Willier

Where does one go to purchase authentic Indigenous made art and crafts? Moonstone Creation is the place to visit! Moonstone Creation was created in June 2009 and is owned and operated by Yvonne Jobin and her daughter Amy Willier.

Dc Design House Inc.

Don-E Coady

Don-E Coady (Dc) is the founding partner and creative director of Dc Design House Inc., a marketing agency based in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. A love for teamwork and the ability to apply himself full-force to the success of a project is what led Don-E to entrepreneurship.

The Beatnik Bus

Kristin Poch

Growing up, Kristin Poch spent weekends with her father scouring thrift stores, garage sales and the local record stores for quality vinyl. After graduating from university, Kristin was struggling finding meaningful work, and her family was trying to find something to do with the massive record collection Kristin’s father had accumulated. After gathering inspiration from mobile shops that she came across in other countries, she had the idea to create a mobile record shop the Beatnik Bus.

Don't dis-my-ability™ Consultation Services Inc.

Shawn Smith

Shawn felt as if he had no other choice but to start his own business. Having worked in the disability-related non-profit sector, he felt that a lot of programs and services were created and sold by people without disabilities for people with disabilities. He then saw a gap that he could fill as an individual who self-identified as being neurodiverse.

Hexa Foods

Philippe Poirier, Paul Shenouda and Mathieu Poirier

What do a finance professional, mechanical engineer and operations and sales guru have in common? An innovative new business, that's what. Philippe Poirier, Paul Shenouda and Mathieu Poirier started their business, Hexa Foods, a Montreal-based company that develops, manufactures and sells eco-friendly and radically sustainable pet foods made with edible insects.


Jenise Lee

As a solopreneur, Jenise Lee had to learn quickly how to balance the demands of starting her own business. Not only was she starting her business, CertClean, but she was also caring for, and later grieving for her brother who had stage four brain cancer.


Phil Héroux and Gab Dancause

Based on their own self-employment experiences, Phil Héroux and Gab Dancause came up with the idea of creating a space with the atmosphere of a coffee shop combined with the functionality of a coworking space. Thinking they could not be the only ones seeking that kind of working environment, GAB was born.


Naomi Pereira

Before co-founding JobJar, a Calgary based start-up that brings homeowners and handymen together, Naomi Pereira was already a veteran of entrepreneurship.

NONA Vegan Foods

Kailey Gilchrist

So where did NONA Vegan Foods get its start? Kailey's friends and family enjoyed her food creations and encouraged her to start selling them. It took some coming around but Kailey eventually took that advice, and in June 2013 she officially started NONA Vegan Foods.

Shiny Paint

Starla and Ryan Wilson

Finding work as a commercial artist can be challenging. Starla Wilson was confronted with this situation when trying to find work as an artist. Scanning the marketplace, she saw an opportunity to start her own business providing exterior art work for local businesses. She and her husband Ryan decided to start their own business — Shiny Paint.

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