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Choose the name for your business carefully. It will precede you wherever you go!

What's in a name?

The right name can be an effective advertising tool that can help your customers understand what your business does and which market you are targeting. The wrong name can confuse or drive away customers.

Some things to think about:

Some aspects of selecting a business name are subjective, and you may come across advice that is based on people's personal preferences or experiences, and not on practical evidence. If you need assistance, you can hire a professional to help you with creating a name and navigating the trade-mark laws.

Learn more about choosing and protecting your business name, as well as naming a corporation.

Your business name and your Web domain name

Before you register your business under the name you've chosen, give some thought to your online presence as well. Even if you aren't planning to establish a website immediately, you may want to do so in the future. As with your business name, you'll want your domain name to be unique and distinctive.

Have a domain name in mind? Learn more about domain names, check the availability of your chosen domain, and find out how to register it.

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