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Senior care start-up checklist

Working with seniors requires patience, compassion, and physical endurance and often entails long working hours. Your senior care business can range from residential, adult day programs, rehabilitative, or hospice services. Use this checklist to help find the requirements needed to start your senior care business.

This checklist is meant to provide detailed information on starting a senior care business. For general information on business start-up, consult our Business start-up checklist.

Another option is buying an existing business — find out more.

Knowing the senior care industry

With the senior demographic continuing to rise, there are many opportunities available in this growing industry. Be sure to research the senior care industry before you open your business. You may find that there is a need for more retirement homes, long-term care or rehabilitation centres or palliative care services in your area. Use the following resources to help develop your knowledge base and deepen your understanding of the different aspects of starting a senior care business.

Setting up your senior care business

You have the compassion and communications skills for caring for the elderly, but have you considered everything you need to get your business started? You will need to learn about food preparation, health products, accessibility, emergency preparedness and more. Understanding these topics will ensure that you meet the needs of both your clients and their families.

You may need to protect your business, your clients and their property. Be sure to investigate different types of business insurance including liability insurance.

Complying with senior care regulations

Regulations vary for senior care services. Check the regulations in your area as these services are governed by federal, provincial, and municipal laws. You may also need to meet licensing requirements for zoning, transporting adults or health and safety inspections.

Hiring and training your staff

Proper employee screening is important, particularly in the senior care industry. You'll want to protect your business from potential risks, and ensure that you have the best qualified people working for you.

Special skills are also required for your senior care business. You may need specific training in CPR, first aid, dementia care, palliative care and medication management. Some businesses may require the services of licensed health care professionals such as nurses, doctors and personal support workers.

Additional resources

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced entrepreneur who's been in business for years, you can never be too informed when it comes to your business.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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