ATB BoostR

ATB Financial, Government of Alberta • Applies only to: Alberta

Your local Alberta business could get funding from supporters and everyday people who recognize the value of your small business by using this crowdfunding platform. You get to tell your story, set funding goals, and offer rewards to prospective customers who fund your campaign.

With ATB BoostR you can:
•    Raise funds and build awareness for your business or enterprising non-profit
•    Validate/test your business, product or marketing idea
•    Gain exposure and meaningful feedback
•    Grow your presence and crowd of customers, fans and supporters

You can also access services throughout your crowdfunding campaign, including:
•    Supportive advisors you can reach out to for crowdfunding coaching or business banking expertise
•    Coaching and guidance through monthly Crowdfunding 101 workshops in Calgary and Edmonton
•    Opportunities for exposure and networking through BoostR Stage live pitch events and ATB's marketing channels
•    Helpful online learning resources

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