Email marketing

Crafting a strong message

Your message is what can make or break a marketing campaign. Encourage readers to open your email by delivering a message that informs, entertains, and resonates. Potential strategies:

Respecting anti-spam and privacy laws

Canada has laws that protect citizens against spam and help maintain their privacy. Know the difference between legitimate business email and spam. If your email has the "look" of spam, readers will likely delete it. Be sure that the records you keep, including email addresses, are protected.

A sound privacy policy stating how you gather, store, and use email addresses and any other personal information can help build a solid reputation and a strong relationship with your customers.

Setting goals and measuring results

If email is part of your marketing plan, measuring results will help determine your return on investment. Consider tracking:

Comparing the success of one message against another can help you identify which strategies worked best. You may track the number of readers you have over time, and gauge the potential of them becoming customers.

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