Promoting and advertising your business

Promoting your business is an ongoing activity that involves everything from word of mouth, to trade shows, to paid advertisements in the media. Once you have developed your marketing plan and are ready to choose your promotional techniques, the resources below may be helpful.

General resources

Industry-specific resources

  • Canadian Signature Experiences
    If your Canadian tourism business provides a unique experience for travellers, you could get a chance to market your product for free to key countries.
  • Tourism Technology
    Only Applies to : New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island
    Learn how to attract customers to your tourism business through Internet and social media marketing.
  • Tourism Industry Partners Program
    Only Applies to : Ontario
    You could get financing to help your business consortium market an Ontario tourist destination to tourists outside Ontario or Canada.
  • Interactive Digital Media Fund
    Only Applies to : Ontario
    You may be eligible for funding to help you cover some the costs of commercializing your interactive digital media content.
  • Atlantic Shipbuilding Action Plan
    Only Applies to : New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island
    Find out how to become a supplier to the shipbuilding industry in the Atlantic provinces. Being a supplier includes building and repairing ships.
  • Experience Nova Scotia: A Toolkit
    Only Applies to : Nova Scotia
    Learn how to identify tourism opportunities in your region and how to develop and market your new business.
  • Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation
    Only Applies to : Ontario
    Find out how to market your product or service under the Ontario brand and how to reach key tourism markets.
  • Virage numérique des détaillants québécois
    Only Applies to : Quebec
    Are you looking to create a transactional web site for your business? If so, you could get coaching to implement a digital strategy.
  • Irving Shipbuilding Inc. online supplier registry
    Register your business as a potential supplier of goods and services for the shipbuilding industry.
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