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Skilled and knowledgeable employees are one of the most valuable assets your business can have. e-learning technologies are computer-based and online tools you can use to deliver training materials directly to your employees.

The wide range of computer software and Internet resources has made it possible to connect your employees with a variety of e-learning opportunities. There are a many types of e-learning tools available, from software programs to webinars, workshops, and online college and university courses.

Investing in employee training can help you:

Benefits of e-learning

e-learning can be a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional classroom-based training. Taking advantage of e-learning tools can help you:


As with any type of training, e-learning solutions can present some challenges. Due to the lack of human interaction, you may want to combine e-learning tools with in-person training. In addition, e-learning may not suit all learning styles; talk to your employees to find out what types of training work for them.

Developing a training plan

Before you invest, take the time to identify your needs and find the type of training that is best for you business. Ask your employees to help identify gaps between their current skills and the skills they need to perform more effectively.

These questions can help you find the right e-learning tools:

What is the goal? For example, you may want to prepare employees for new or modified tasks or improve operational practices.

What do your employees need to learn? Can the training be broken down into steps? Are there standards that employees must meet?

What resources will you need? Make sure you have the technology and physical resources your employees will need to be successful.

How much will it cost? Calculate the costs of learning and remember to include the cost of employee wages.

When will e-learning take place? You will need to make sure your employees have the time they need to balance their learning and their responsibilities at work.

How will you measure results? Can you compare the results of the training program to your goals and objectives?

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