Is your business located in a remote area that limits your ability to recruit top-notch employees? Perhaps you want to keep overhead costs down by reducing your office space? If so, you might consider hiring teleworkers — employees who work outside your office, usually from home.

Some of the benefits teleworkers can bring to your organization are:

  • Increased recruitment pool — Your ability to hire is not limited to a specific region.

  • Employee productivity and morale  Giving your employees the flexibility to work outside of regular office hours and to avoid a daily commute helps reduce absenteeism. Having fewer workplace interruptions allows your employees to produce more.

  • Reduced costs  You may spend less on things like office space, parking, utilities and relocation.

While the advantages are many, you'll want to carefully consider how you can implement and manage teleworkers within your organization. Keep these things in mind:

  • Management  As you are unable to monitor a teleworker on site, you may need to pay extra attention to things like workload and results, rather than processes.

  • Set-up costs  The home office of a teleworker must provide that employee with the ability to properly communicate with your office and access all necessary information technology networks.

  • Liability  The home office of a teleworker must comply with the health and safety standards that you uphold in your place of business.

  • Security  If your employee needs remote access to confidential information, you'll need to implement policies and technologies that provide you with full security.


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