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Keeping employee records

If you have employees, keeping records on everything from their salaries to their job skills can help you administer your payroll and plan training.

The information you keep on each employee should include:

By making this information available to employees through a secure internal website, you can save time answering questions they may have with respect to their own information. With self-service, your employees can log in and check on a variety of things from how many days of leave they have used to whether your group insurance will pay for their eyeglasses.

Using an internal website for record keeping can help you to keep track of the pay and performance of each employee as well as the dates for things like renewing training licences.

Since employees only need a web browser to access their own information and add changes to it, you will also find it easier and less expensive to support employees working in remote locations.

Besides being easy to use, the human resources software you choose to use for record keeping should be customized to give you:

You can also look for software to help you with the recruitment of future employees, with features such as automatic personalized responses to job applicants who contact you by email.

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