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Types of human resources administration tools

Take a look at some of the components you might want to include as part of a human resources information system designed to fit your needs. You can tailor reliable, off-the-shelf human resources tools. Choosing the best technologies, however, is not easy; consider this as carefully as you would any other process implementation. Look for affordable solutions to manage different functions, including:

No off-the-shelf human resources information system will meet all of your needs, but a simple one that meets most of them may be able to grow with your business. Be realistic about your requirements, so that you don’t spend more time and money than necessary.

Human resources information systems

Some products are offered as individual applications while others are packaged as a complete system. An integrated system usually consists of human resources management, payroll processing and recruiting administration.

The main advantage of these systems is the single point for data entry and for retrieval and analysis in a common format. When the human resources department applies a premium change to benefits, for example, the information is instantly available to the payroll department and automatically reflected in payroll deductions.

What's in a human resources information system?

These are some of the most common elements found in a human resources information system:

The types of reports that can be generated automatically include:

What to look for in an effective human resources information system:

Payroll processing

You can automate payroll processing by outsourcing or by purchasing software compatible with banks' electronic funds transfer systems that allow direct deposits. Some standard accounting software products also have payroll components.

More advanced systems can handle all aspects of payroll processing: calculating accurate earnings, taxes, and deductions; tracking labour costs; analyzing trends instantly, and creating detailed management reports and graphs.

Other time-saving features offered by such products and services allow you to:

Employee portals

An employee portal is a single point of entry online to an array of programs and information within your business. Effective portals are custom-designed, so users have quick, easy access to the following types of tools and information:

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