Hiring foreign workers

If your business is facing a labour shortage, or you are unable to find the talent your business needs, why not look outside of Canada? The following programs can help you hire the right match for your business.

General information

If your business is facing a labour shortage, you could hire a foreign worker to fill the gap. The worker must have a valid permit to work in Canada, and other conditions may apply. Find out more:

Nominee programs

Many provinces and territories have nominee programs where the government nominates individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and settle in that particular province or territory. Some programs aim to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs from around the world, while others serve to fill labour gaps that businesses may be facing.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia



Internationally trained workers

Hiring foreign workers can help you fill labour needs when no Canadian citizens or permanent residents are available to fill the positions. These workers are a valuable source of skills and talent, and integrating them into your workforce can show your organization's connection to your community.

New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island


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