Hiring employees

Know your obligations and opportunities when it comes to hiring employees — from recruitment to payroll to tax returns — and familiarize yourself with current labour market conditions.

When you hire someone to work for you, there are certain government regulations you must follow, from recruitment to payroll to tax returns. There are also certain things you can do that will help you find and hire the best candidates for the jobs you are offering.

Before you begin hiring, you may want to familiarize yourself with the current labour market conditions, and find out what services are available in your area to help you with your search.

It's important to have a system for identifying the requirements of the positions you want to fill, as well as policies for recruitment and selection that are inclusive and fair, with an aim to hiring the most qualified people, and achieving equality in your workplace.

Table of Contents

    Steps for hiring

    • Establish the requirements of the position
    • Advertise the job
    • Interview candidates
    • Perform background and reference checks
    • Select the successful candidate
    • Orient the new employee
    • Start a file for the employee
    • Hiring requirements
      Find resources that can help you comply with the standards and regulations regarding recruiting, selecting, and hiring employees.
    • Hiring employees
      Get information on jobs, wages, outlooks, licensing, certification, job duties, skills requirements, education and training.
    • Wage subsidies
      Are high wage expectations making you reluctant to put up that Help Wanted sign? A wage subsidy program can put the perfect employee within your reach.

    Finding employees

    • Teleworkers
      Having a difficult time recruiting qualified employees? A teleworker — an employee who works outside your office — may be a great option for you.
    • Hiring foreign workers
      If your business is facing a labour shortage, or you are unable to find the talent your business needs, why not look outside of Canada?
    • Recruit and manage salespeople
      Learn where to find salespeople, the importance of the recruitment interview and how to institute a commission structure to encourage high sales.
    • Training and Employment Services
      Only Applies to : Manitoba
      Find the help you need to build your small business workforce.
    • Workforce Planning Boards Network
      Only Applies to : Ontario
      Find information about training, employment and labour research in your region to help you manage your employment needs.
    • Job Bank
      Advertise and manage your job openings free of charge and at your own convenience, and find qualified job candidates through a matching tool.
    • Recruiting in four steps
      Only Applies to : Quebec
      Learn more about your rights and obligations when it comes to recruiting employees, and discover which tools and resources can guide you throughout the process.(in French only)
    • YuWIN Yukon Work Information Network
      Only Applies to : Yukon
      Join this free online network to post jobs and find employees.
    • SaskJobs — Saskatchewan's online job bank
      Only Applies to : Saskatchewan
      Are you a Saskatchewan employer? Post your job opportunities on SaskJobs.ca and search the resume database for candidates that meet your needs.
    • Employment Ontario Employment Service
      Only Applies to : Ontario
      Get help attracting and recruiting employees, and find out if you're eligible for financing to provide training and work experience.
    • Job Bank — Employer resources
      Resources to find, hire , manage and train employees as well as handle their departure. Access regulatory, wage and labour market information.
    • Venture for Canada
      Only Applies to : New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island
      Do you operate a small business in Atlantic Canada? You could get 4-month paid internships of up to $7,000 per intern for innovation-focused projects.
    • WORKink
      Find services and resources that can help you hire persons with disabilities and create an inclusive work environment.
    • WorkBC — For Employers
      Only Applies to : British Columbia
      Access resources to help recruit and retain employees, measure their performance, and find out about current labour market trends in B.C.

    Resources and support

    • Labour and employment data
      Find statistics and analysis related to the labour force, employment and income from official Canadian and international sources.
    • Creation of a human resources department
      Only Applies to : Quebec
      Find out how to obtain professional coaching to set up a human resources department for your growing business.
    • Human resources management support
      Only Applies to : Quebec
      Boost your productivity and increase your knowledge of human resource principles with this management support and coaching service.
    • Diversity & Inclusion Readiness Scale & Quiz
      Only Applies to : Canada
      Rate your organization on diversity and inclusion. Learn how to increase its score and explore the benefits of becoming more diverse and inclusive.
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