What does digital literacy mean for my business?

Because digital technologies have become widespread, it is important for Canadian businesses to adapt, and become digitally literate. Businesses are adopting digital technology to help them stay competitive in a growing global market. Consumers are growing accustomed to the convenience of using online services. 

Adopting digital technology can offer many helpful solutions to common business struggles:

  • Fast, reliable communication with customers, contractors, employees, and overseas partners
  • Automation of many routine tasks, such as invoicing or payments
  • Buying or selling goods and services online
  • The use of online marketing, especially on social media channels
  • Resources which can simplify complex subjects such as accounting or human resources.

For Canadian businesses, an element of digital literacy is seeing where technology can be applied, and knowing when to seek help.

Digital literacy is essential to the future of the Canadian economy and is something all business owners and employees can benefit from.

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