How to write a privacy policy

You must have consent before collecting someone's personal information and it is an essential part of complying with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. (PIPEDA)

PIPEDA specifies that consent must be meaningful. For consent to be meaningful, your clients must know exactly what information they are giving and they must know the privacy practices of your business. This means you must explain your practices in a privacy policy.

A good privacy policy explains, in plain language, what your privacy practices are and its important details. The privacy policy should be specific to your business. It should be detailed and clear. It should also explain how customers can request corrections or deletion of their private information. Ensure you provide your clients with an easy way to contact you about privacy matters, either a telephone number or an email address.

Complying with privacy legislation is very important. It is your responsibility as a business owner and it can help your business build trust and establish a good reputation.

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