Spoofing is the use of a fraudulent email address or website to impersonate a legitimate source.

Unfortunately, because anyone can create a website, it is possible for scammers to create websites that look real. In doing so, they can steal personal information.

Scammers will use a number of techniques to do this including:

  • Stealing the artwork and design of another website to appear legitimate.
  • Diverting traffic by using a web address that is very similar to a legitimate one. Often by making use of a misspelling.
  • Hacking a real website and redirecting users to a false one

To avoid spoofing:

  • Do not click on links sent from unknown senders
  • Only use links and contacts supplied to you by the business
  • Exercise caution and skepticism before giving out personal information

If a scammer is impersonating your business online, notify the hosting service, if possible, and your customers of the impersonator. You should also consider contacting the police.

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