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The cloud

Cloud computing provides computing services, such as storage and processing, over the Internet. Cloud computing works by connecting your device to a “central host” that stores your programs and files on a distributed network. There are many cloud computing services, and they can be based anywhere in the world.

Businesses have been using cloud services for some time. Many available email services use the cloud model. What has changed is the growing use of cloud services for offsite storage and running software. The business advantages of using cloud-based systems are clear:

However, the cloud presents some security and privacy concerns you should be aware of. If your business uses the cloud services of a company, you are entrusting them with any data you put on the network. This raises several considerations about your data, such as:

The concerns listed above do not mean that cloud services cannot be trusted. Canadian businesses do make use of cloud services. However, you can protect your business when using cloud services by taking the following precautions:


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