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How do I protect my business' privacy and security?

Using the Internet often means trusting others with sensitive information. If your business is online then you may have information from customers, employees, or yourself that needs to be protected. Digital technologies can also be considered an investment and it is important to protect your investments and online infrastructure from anything that might damage them.

Many of these threats are unfortunate side-effects of the internet. The internet lets us communicate and use information in ways previously not possible, but the systems that make this possible can be misused or compromised. This calls for special precautions.

Precautions against digital threats are like a lock on a door; they keep people out. It is important to understand, however, that distance doesn't matter on the internet. While someone can't break into a building from the other side of the country, digital threats can come from anywhere. The internet also blurs the line between what is private and what is public. Not everything that seems private is private.

Threats to your business' cyber security can potentially result in property damage, stolen money, and damage to your business' reputation. It's important to familiarize yourself with potential threats and major issues so you can take steps to protect your business.


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