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What do I need to know about online marketing?

The Internet allows businesses to communicate with their customers and potential customers in new and exciting ways. There are more approaches than ever to attract customers, recruit staff, and track market trends, such as:

Strong online marketing could be a valuable investment with significant returns at a relatively low cost. Online marketing has an international reach, and digital media allows for a variety of multimedia content to engage your audience. With the advent of online marketing, your business is no longer limited to only one type of marketing or advertising. It is also useful to remember that many of the rules that apply to traditional advertising also apply to online marketing.

Digital media also presents an opportunity to be interactive. Just as you can reach potential customers, with a simple click they can also reach you. This opens up many possibilities in terms of customer service and client education.

It may be useful to have a social media policy that outlines what is expected of your employees when they use social media, since their actions may reflect on your business.


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