What do I need to know about doing business online?

The Internet allows Canadian businesses to communicate with their customers and potential customers in new and exciting ways. Canadian businesses are reaching out on a global scale with ease.

E-commerce is defined as the sale of goods and services online. E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry and is one of the most exciting opportunities digital technology offers to Canadian businesses. In 2012, Canadian retailers made over $7 billion in online sales. That number is expected to grow.

With so much potential for expansion in e-commerce, it could greatly benefit Canadian businesses to familiarize themselves with:

Online sales: This is the information businesses need to know about offering and selling goods or services online.  This includes information about setting up digital store fronts, security standards, and accepting online payments.

Online marketing: This is the information businesses need to know about using the internet to reach out to potential clients, customers, and partners. This includes social media marketing, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, and web accessibility standards. 

A business operating online still has a use for many of the same resources as a traditional business.

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