Quality assurance

Does the quality of your goods and services meet or exceed your customers' expectations? Certain guidelines and standards can ensure that the quality of your products or services is well established for years to come.

Find out how you can take advantage of a quality management system that will create customer loyalty and higher standards for your business.

  • Standards
    Learn about standards that your business can follow to improve your products and services, or to increase your productivity.
  • Specialized standards to improve your operations
    Quality management systems can help you meet stringent export, safety and quality standards while exceeding the expectations of your clients.

Services to help you improve quality

There are a variety of financing options and a number of programs offered by the government that can help you improve the quality of your products and services.

  • Seafood Innovation and Transition Program
    Only Applies to : Newfoundland and Labrador
    If your fisheries-related business or organization is transitioning from shellfish to groundfish, you could be eligible for funding.
  • Child Care — Quality Improvement Funding Support
    Only Applies to : New Brunswick
    You can apply for funding to increase the wages of eligible permanent employees at your child day care home or centre.
  • PEI Product Development Assistance
    Only Applies to : Prince Edward Island
    You could receive financing to help you generate new products, add value to existing products, and create new markets through BIO|FOOD|TECH.
  • BDC Advisory services
    Find out how BDC's customized advisory services can help your business.
  • BDC business loans
    You could get money to help you start or grow your business.
  • Business Development Program
    Only Applies to : New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island
    Access funds to start, expand or improve your business in Atlantic Canada.
  • Quality Improvement Assistance
    Only Applies to : Prince Edward Island
    You could receive financing to enhance trade and export opportunities and improve your competitiveness in the global marketplace.
  • Professional Service Assistance Program
    Only Applies to : Prince Edward Island
    You could get a non-repayable contribution of up to $1,000 to pay for professional advisory support.
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