Licensing and technology transfer opportunities

Have you ever considered taking advantage of technology research that has already been done in order to further your own operations? Many technologies are patented and ready for commercialization, and intellectual property laws give you the opportunity to profit from them.

To do so, you will have to pay for licensing rights or agreements. However, this can save you the expense of conducting your own research, and the ongoing costs of maintaining development activities or facilities.

Organizations from the public and private sectors, as well as academic institutions, have resources and networks that can help you find available technologies.

  • Product licensing
    Learn how to maximize the market potential of your product or that of others.
  • Western Research Parks
    Get help developing and commercializing your innovative product or service by partnering with the University of Western Ontario's Research Parks.
  • R&D collaborations
    You could license communication technologies that are ready for commercial exploitation, and take advantage of collaboration opportunities.
  • Bureaux de liaison entreprises-universités
    Only Applies to : Quebec
    Get liaison officers to help you enter into strategic alliances with Quebec universities and finance your research and development projects.(in French only)
  • Licensing opportunities
    You can partner with R&D experts to commercialize their existing patented technologies.
  • Canadian Innovation Centre
    Access research, training and consulting services to help you turn your idea into a product or service that is ready to be put on the market.
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