You've developed a great product or service. How are you going to get the word out and generate sales?

Getting your new ideas to market is one of the most difficult steps in the innovation process. This is especially so if you're introducing a completely new idea or concept. Many innovations never make it beyond the research and development stage for a number of reasons ranging from lack of production capacity to the inability to create a demand for the product and everything in between.

You'll need to determine to whom, when, where and how you will introduce the new product or service to the market. Put the odds in your favour and be sure to make use of all available networks and resources.


  • Build in Canada Innovation Program
    Test your late stage innovative goods and services by selling to the federal government.
  • Canadian Innovation Centre
    Access research, training and consulting services to help you turn your idea into a product or service that is ready to be put on the market.
  • Canadian Technology Accelerators
    You could gain access to unique resources that can help your technology start-up grow internationally.
  • Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)
    Get market and sector-specific information, access to Canadian trade commissioners' contact information and a list of events through the TCS website.
  • Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research
    If you are a high-tech entrepreneur, this accelerator can help you use cloud-based compute-and-storage resources to help commercialize your products.
    This R&D network can help you access technology, expertise, and markets in Europe and beyond.
  • Financing for innovation
    Discover some key government programs that help finance innovation activity.
  • Marketing and sales
    How well you market your business and interact with your customers can vastly influence your success.
  • Pre-Qualified Innovations
    Learn about the process when submitting your proposal for the Build in Canada Innovation Program.
  • R&D collaborations
    You could license communication technologies that are ready for commercial exploitation, and take advantage of collaboration opportunities.
  • Western Research Parks
    Get help developing and commercializing your innovative product or service by partnering with the University of Western Ontario's Research Parks.


  • Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator
    Only Applies to : Alberta
    Looking for a place to start your new food processing business in Alberta? This multi-tenant facility could provide you with infrastructure and services.
  • Alberta Product Commercialization Centres
    Only Applies to : Alberta
    If you are developing a new product, get the equipment, test facilities, lab and other services to bring your idea to market faster.
  • Connectica
    Only Applies to : Alberta
    Use this self-service tool to find funding, programs, services and more to help with your business innovation.
  • TECTERRA Geomatics Technology Programs
    Only Applies to : Alberta
    If you are an entrepreneur in the geomatics industry, you could access funding and resources that can help you develop and commercialize your business.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia

  • Innovacorp
    Only Applies to : Nova Scotia
    Get the capital and guidance you need to take your emerging technology business to the next level.


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