Finding business opportunities in export markets

Finding international leads for your products or services can be time-consuming, particularly if you are new to international trade. Fortunately, there is help available to speed up the process.

  • Export market research
    Find foreign countries with customers who need your products or services.
  • Selling to foreign governments
    Expand your market by selling your goods or services to governments of foreign countries.
  • Export Development
    Only Applies to : New Brunswick
    If you are looking to grow your business by exporting, you can access specialized services to help you get started.
  • Global Business Centre
    Only Applies to : Alberta
    Find help to reach out to global markets. You can also take advantage of the Centre's Calgary office space, meeting rooms, reception and other business services.
  • Linking in to Global Value Chains
    From exporting to outsourcing and more, see how global value chains help your business compete on the global stage.
  • Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)
    Get market and sector-specific information, access to Canadian trade commissioners' contact information and a list of events through the TCS website.
  • Business opportunities in development and humanitarian aid markets
    Learn about export opportunities in international development and humanitarian aid markets.
  • MERX — Canadian Public Tenders
    Find opportunities to sell your products or services to governments and other organizations using the MERX system.
  • Canadian Technology Accelerators
    You could gain access to unique resources that can help your technology start-up grow internationally.
  • Programme COREX
    Only Applies to : Quebec
    Find out how to develop international markets and export your products to the American Northeast through the FCCQ's export corridors.
  • BDC International growth advisory services
    Boost your chances of success in foreign markets by analyzing your potential for international growth.
  • Alberta international offices
    Only Applies to : Alberta
    Access networking opportunities and competitive intelligence to help you develop your international market strategy.
  • Magnet Export Business Portal
    Only Applies to : Ontario
    If your Ontario business is export-ready or would like help getting there, sign up to receive information on export support programs.
  • Priority markets
    Learn more about the export markets identified as offering the best opportunities for Canadian businesses.
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