Selling to the federal government

Find information, tools and help to complete the tasks related to selling to the Government of Canada. Gain an understanding of how to sell to the government, how to register your business as a supplier, and find seminars on doing business with the government.

Table of Contents

    Register to be a supplier

    Register as a supplier for a wide range of goods and services purchased by the federal government.

    • SELECT
      Does your business offer construction, architectural or engineering services? Register in this database to become an approved supplier to the Government of Canada.
    • Centralized Professional Services ePortal
      If you are a professional or a specialist, you can register your business in this database to conduct business with the Government of Canada.
    • Register as a supplier
      Do you want to sell to the Government of Canada? Find out how to register as a supplier and add your business to the database.  — the procurement process

    Learn the ins and outs of the federal government procurement process — how it works, what the government buys, how you can register for standing offers or become a pre-qualified supplier.

    • How to prepare a bid
      Use this guide to help you bid on government opportunities so that you can sell your goods or services to the government.
    • The procurement process
      Contact Government of Canada departments and agencies for contracting opportunities, and promote your products and services to them.
    • What the government buys
      From airplanes to paper clips, the Government of Canada buys many products and services. Learn more about what you can sell to the Government of Canada.

    Find bidding opportunities, proposals and contracts

    Learn how to bid for government tenders, write proposals and promote your goods and services.

    Standing offers and supply arrangements

    There are two types of non-binding agreements you can make with the federal government when it comes to supplying specific goods or services. These agreements outline the terms and conditions that will apply to any future orders.

    • Supply arrangements
      Become a pre-qualified supplier for the Government of Canada for certain goods and services.
    • Standing offers
      Register for a standing offer with the Government of Canada to get a chance to sell your goods or services to government departments.

    Market yourself

    If you are interested in selling your goods and services to federal departments and agencies, it is important to proactively promote your business as a supplier. You’ll want to identify the qualities that differentiate you from your competitors, and target your efforts at the people responsible for choosing suppliers.

    Additional resources for selling to the federal government

    Learn more about selling to the Government of Canada.

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