Regulated industries

Find out how certain industry sectors are regulated and what some of the key business obligations are in those sectors.

  • National building code
    Learn about national building codes, including those relating to energy efficiency, construction, plumbing, and fire safety.
  • Agreement on Ontario-Quebec Construction Labour Mobility
    Only Applies to : Ontario Quebec
    Under this agreement, you are ensured equal treatment when bidding or working on construction projects in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Getting electrical products approved
    Only Applies to : Ontario
    If you manufacture, import, or sell electrical equipment in Ontario, you need to make sure that it meets the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
  • Provincial Public Eating Establishment Standards
    Only Applies to : Saskatchewan
    If your business involves serving food to the public, you need to learn about the provincial public eating establishment standards and your obligations.
  • TEC Health Accelerator
    Only Applies to : Alberta
    If you are developing a new medical device or pharmaceutical, biotechnology or natural health product, get help with approval rules and regulations.
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