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Are you looking for talented employees? Do you want to attract more customers? Making your business accessible to persons with disabilities may help. Your business may gain a reputation for being open to all. Start implementing changes now as an investment in your future — make the necessary renovations to your building, train your employees, and update your website so that it's easy for all visitors to find what they want. Be prepared to provide your customers with the highest level of service and to provide your employees with the best work environment possible. Making it easier for Canadians with disabilities to do business with you makes good business sense.

Accessible workplace

If you want to attract the right employees to your business and ensure that they are productive, make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Accessible service delivery

What's the best way to beat the competition? Know what your customers want and supply it quickly, while building good client relations. Be sure that you and your employees know how to provide excellent service to everyone: in person, on the phone or on your website.

Accessible tourism and transportation

If you have a tourism or transportation business, there are regulations, standards and guidelines concerning accessibility to your vehicles, buildings, and services.


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