Get exclusive rights to the words or symbols used to distinguish your goods and services from others. File for a trademark or access the Canadian Trademarks Database.

  • Canadian Trademarks Database
    Before you apply for a trademark, search this database for active and inactive trademarks registered since 1865.
  • Trademarks
    Find out what trademarks are, why they are important to business, and how to file for one.
  • A Guide to Trademarks
    Have a name, word, symbol or design that you wish to use exclusively? Learn about trademarks, what can be registered and the registration process.
  • Trademarks Database Tutorial
    Find out the about the benefits of using the Canadian Trademarks Database and how to search it.
  • Trade-marks agents list
    If you need help preparing your application to register a trade-mark, you can access a list of trade-mark agents by region.
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