Copyright and intellectual property

Learn about intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial design and integrated circuit topographies, and how they can protect your business.

  • What is intellectual property?
    Find out what you need to know about intellectual property, and how to secure your IP rights.
  • Copyright
    Find out about automatic copyright protection in Canada, how to register a copyright and how to access the Canadian Copyrights Database.
  • Trademark
    Get exclusive rights to the words or symbols used to distinguish your goods and services from others.
  • Patent
    Protect the rights to your invention by obtaining a patent, and access the Canadian Patent Database to search more than 2 million patent documents.
  • Industrial design
    Find out how to protect an original design applied to a finished product, and access a database of industrial designs.
  • Integrated circuit topographies
    Did you know that IP protection is available to you for circuit designs used in many different products?
  • Protecting your intellectual property in export markets
    If you plan to export, you should protect your intellectual property in foreign markets.
  • Product licensing
    Learn how to maximize the market potential of your product or that of others.
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