Doing business online

Canadian businesses that want to get involved in online sales need to be properly prepared to take advantage of the opportunities of e-commerce.

To do business online, a company should have a website. A business' website has several important parts:

The first step in preparing your business' website would be to register a domain name. A domain name is the unique address potential customers will use to navigate to your website. Building and designing a website has become much simpler and there are professionals who you can hire to help with this work. It may also be necessary to provide a way to accept secure payments and communications. You may wish to make your web design part of a broader marketing strategy.

Aside from these digital considerations, there are other steps that may have to be taken to do business online. Your business will need a way to deliver its products or services. This may mean having a plan for packaging, handling, and shipping.This kind of planning is part of preparing a business plan.

If you are considering taking your established business online, you should also review your business plan to ensure your business can scale up for online sales.

E-commerce offers many exciting opportunities to Canadian businesses and good planning can allow your business to take full advantage of those opportunities.


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