North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Lookup

By incorporating 2 lines of code, you can insert this NAICS Lookup Web Widget into your web forms/application/web site to improve the user experience when collecting industry sector information for your clients. The widget leverages a custom built common key word thesaurus to help reduce the confusion and complexity of the NAICS standard. The key word thesaurus will continuously evolve to reflect the terminology of the business clients.


Look up your industry by keyword and select the best match.

Feedback data:
This is the feedback captured to further improve the user experience of the widget.
Widget type User input NAICS code Industry title Action taken Widget source
Source code:
<div id="cbn-industry-lookup" data-locale="en" data-hidden=""></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

How to set up the widget on your web form:

  1. Copy the first line of code with the div tag (<div id=...></div>) and paste the div tag into the part of the web form where you would like the widget to appear.
  2. Set the 'data-locale' element within the div tag to the language of your choice (en is English and fr is French).
  3. Set the 'hidden' element within the div tag to the name of the field you wish to populate with the NAICS code in your web form.
  4. Copy the second line of code with the script tag (<script type=...></script>) and paste the script tag at the bottom of your body tag in your web form.

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