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Labour and employment data

Find statistics and analysis on the labour force, employment issues (such as hours worked, number of employees and payrolls) and income. Learn more about the various surveys conducted by Statistics Canada and access the data. You will also find internationally comparable data available from the International Labour Office.

Table of Contents

General labour data

Access local, national and international labour and wage statistics.

Labour force

A key source of information on what is happening in Canada's labour market is Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey. The data from the survey is available in various forms.

Employment, payrolls and hours

Use these statistics to get detailed information on the total number of paid employees in Canada, the company payrolls and the number of hours worked, sorted by industry, province and territory.

Labour and income

Get information on the number of Canadians who are employed, the types of jobs they have and what their salaries are, compared to what they were in the past. This information can help you to choose your market and price your goods or services to suit your customers.


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