Find statistics and analysis for a number of industries within the manufacturing sector.

  • Alberta industry profiles
    Only Applies to : Alberta
    View profiles of 18 Alberta industries, featuring statistics and information on the workforce, employment, wages and industry trends.
  • Manufacturing-related statistics
    Browse Statistics Canada resources on the manufacturing sector, including financial and product-based data.
  • Plastics industry statistics
    Find industry profiles, statistics and other information on plastics and related industries in Canada and abroad.
  • Apparel industry profile
    Find data and analysis on the apparel industry in Canada.
  • Medical devices industry profile
    View a profile of the medical devices industry, including information on its size and structure, revenues, costs, imports and exports.
  • Canadian Industry Statistics
    Get industry data and analysis on a number of economic indicators such as employment, manufacturing and gross domestic product.
  • Consumer products
    Find industry profiles for various consumer products and links to related associations.
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