Importing and exporting

Find Canadian and foreign trade statistics and other data on international trade. You can use this information to help you identify opportunities to export your goods and services abroad or to replace goods and services that are currently imported into Canada.

Canadian trade data

Find tables, graphs and reports on Canada's trade with the world.

Global trade data

Find official trade statistics for foreign countries.

  • Market analysis tools
    Access these powerful tools to track global trade and international markets and to help you in your market analyses. Registration is required.
  • U.S. Foreign Trade Statistics
    Get highlights, as well as detailed current and historical data for trade between the United States and its trading partners.
  • UN Comtrade database
    Get access to official international merchandise trade statistics, provided to the United Nations by official national statistical agencies.

Balance-of-payments data

Find trade data on a balance-of-payments basis as well as data on direct investment and other elements of the current account.

  • Balance of payments
    Get data on direct investments and on trade of goods and services between Canada and its trading partners.

Services to facilitate trade

Identify new markets, get business leads and spot potential roadblocks to growing your business internationally.

  • Exporting
    Grow your business by selling your products and services abroad.
  • Importing
    Learn about importing commercial goods into Canada.
  • Technical barriers to trade
    If you are considering an export opportunity, identify potential trade barriers before pursuing the market.
  • Foreign Trade Zone
    These officially designated areas offer tariff and tax exemptions on the purchase or importation of raw materials, components or finished goods.
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