General research and statistics

Find information on research and statistics resources available online or in person through your local Canada Business Network service centre. Discover how to obtain data and analysis through various channels. You can also access catalogues and materials from various Canadian government libraries, as well as a broad range of international statistics from the United Nations.

Statistics Canada

As Canada's central statistical agency, Statistics Canada produces a wealth of statistical and analytical information that can help you to make informed business decisions.


Libraries provide access to a host of statistics and information that can otherwise be difficult or expensive to obtain.

Canada Business Network centre libraries

Canada Business Network centres are located in each province and territory and some feature libraries that are stocked with materials to help small businesses.

Public and Government libraries

Public and government libraries are excellent sources of statistics and information that you can use to grow your business.

Regional statistics

Find official statistics and publications provided by provincial, territorial and regional government agencies.


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Government Activities and Initiatives