What Are Your Employees Worth?

December 13, 2010 - Tags: Employers Research and data Tourism

This guest post is provided by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, whose goal is to improve the quality of the Canadian labour force, and to assist businesses to be more flexible in meeting changing competitive demands.

As an employer, you can't change economic or labour market trends, but you can change the way you respond to these issues. To attract, recruit, and retain skilled workers for peak performance in your workplace, you need to show your employees that your compensation package is competitive. This is as true for the tourism sector as it is for any other. To ensure that the sector has the necessary information available, the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council began conducting a compensation study every two years that examines wages for tourism occupations in all regions of the country. The study also provides vital information on human resource policies, salary administration practices, and the current pressing issues experienced by both small businesses and multi-unit chain operations.

The most recent study was conducted in 2008 (link no longer valid). It provides an analysis of compensation, benefits, and salary/wage data for 33 different occupations, from frontline to senior management, in four tourism industry groups. Data was received from more than 2,000 tourism organizations representing 76,195 incumbents.

The tourism sector compensation study is now being updated for 2010. New this year, they will examine the effect turnover and increases in minimum wage are having on the sector. All tourism businesses are welcome to participate and gain access to the resulting data.

For more information on how to get involved, check out the Participate in the 2010 Compensation Study  (link no longer valid)page.

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