Turn 'likes' into loyal customers with social seeding

March 7, 2016 - Tags: Managing Marketing

If you want to grow your customer base, you first need people to notice you. More importantly, you need to hold their attention with worthwhile content. Advertising can create awareness for your business, but it's not always enough on its own. Part of your marketing strategy should therefore include social seeding, where you showcase your content on highly visible online platforms.

Social signals (likes, shares, votes, pins, etc.) are important, because you need conversions, not just traffic, to increase your Develop social relationships. These signals are more likely to come from people who are already searching for you.

What is the goal of social seeding?

  • Identify key influencers in your industry
  • Get them to notice you, and share your content
  • Convert viewers into customers or contacts

spike in activity to build your following and determine who the influencers are. Here are a few ways you can engage with your followers:

  • Provide calls to action by allowing visitors to ‘like' or share not only a page, but descriptions, images and reviews of your products or services as well. Reciprocate by doing the same for them.
  • Hold contests where your visitors can win something by following you or sharing your content.
  • Share your content on trusted sites where readers can up-vote your posts, which directly supports your search engine optimization.
  • Use free or paid exposure, like guest blogging or paid ads, to reach your target audience. A few dollars can increase your reach exponentially.
  • Show your personality; for example, participate in a trending hashtag and tie your brand to it.

When joining an existing social conversation, be sure you understand the origin and context of the discussion. This will help you avoid potential missteps, like accidentally piggybacking on a competitor's hashtag.

There is no shortcut to getting people to appreciate your content. There are ways to get a temporary online rankings, but genuine loyalty develops gradually, so it's worth it to put in the effort from the start. If you don't have the time or expertise, an online content marketing service can optimize your messaging for different channels and audiences.

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