Turn down time into productive time

July 28, 2014 - Tags: Managing Planning

As a business owner, you may find that attention to business development may suffer during busy periods. Slower times are ideal for focusing on areas that may be overlooked in your day-to-day operations. Strategizing while it's quiet can help you seize future growth opportunities successfully.

Improve skills:

  • Assess employee work distribution — Are some overrun with tasks while others have little to do? This may be a good time to identify duplicate tasks or redistribute work more evenly.
  • Training — If money is tight, explore free web-based training or read up on areas of your business that may need improvement.
  • Team-building — A more cohesive team performs better. Plan some activities that will help your staff get to know each other better.

Browse our Business support organizations page for networking, coaching and other support services.

Focus on the customer experience:

  • Update your website to reflect what your business is doing now. Visit the Increasing website traffic page for helpful hints.
  • Explore other social media platforms. Harness the power of social media. Start a blog. Create business profiles on sites that you have not yet explored but that are used by your target audiences.
  • Reach out to existing customers with incentives to draw them back or explore new ways of communicating with them. Try a “no payments” offer for a specified period of time, if your business is able and it will not be too much of a strain on your cash flow.

Look ahead:

  • Learn more about your competitors — visit the page Understanding your competitors.
  • Explore areas of expansion. Are there any related fields that your business may be able to explore?
  • Go after outstanding accounts — not aggressively, but purposefully.
  • Get involved in or stay engaged with your community. This will benefit your business' reputation and could help improve your neighbourhood or city.

Respond, don't just react, when your business is going through a sluggish phase. Stay positive and focus on areas of your business you are able to improve. Better managing your slower periods will prepare you for the busy times ahead!

Visit our Assessing the health of your business page for more information.

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